Look at what we came across in the warehouse! Behind many boxes and dust, were three, untouched, new in-box United Black Ikazuchi Katanas! These Damascus steel, double edged katanas are sweet! The style of this Katana, and the materials used, resembles the unique style of blades that the Samurais used in premodern Japan. 

When I say that this Katana feels good to wield, thats not really even close. It feels, in the hands, just like it should feel - natural. All the meanwhile, you get to see the very impressive, double edged, nine-time folded Damascus blade! 

With this thing originally MSRPing at $374.99, it was a great bang for you buck even then! But we're going to be letting these warehouse finds go at a HOT price, $174.99! With that sort of price, you better get these before they're all gone! Purchase now at Classicblades.com!