Folded Steel Katana by FactoryX

Folded Steel Katana by FactoryX
Item# SX1103
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Product Description

Folded Steel Katana

( FactoryX )


Beautifully Patterned Hand Forged,Folded, and Hand Polished carbon steel sword.

Beautifully Patterned Hand Forged and Foldes along with Hand Polishing traditional water quenching using ancient sword making techniques, make this folded steel katana truly functional and beautiful.

From the original and only sword making city in China for most of its history, this katana emerges as a premier sword from Japanese History.

Each katana is presented in a beautiful presentation box and comes with a hand-made silk bag for protection of the imaculately finished black laquered saya.

The tsuba offers a replica of an original japanese design, while the tsuka (handle) is covered in real Ray skin, and the Tsuka-ito (handle wrap) is made from real silk.

The SX1103 offers high quality craftsmanship, a beautiful folded blade and traditional features in this functional katana.

Includes a complete Maintenance Kit.

Optional items include various display stands.

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